fredag 22. april 2016

Flamenco without borders Oslo’s Café Theatre 16/4-16

The show’s theme was cross-border tolerance in these times of mass migrations. MC and gracious bailaora Cecilie Stensrud set the tone with a multi-language welcome to an overflow audience.
They came from Oslo, Tromsø (the world’s first Arctic flamenco club, Camilla?), Stavanger, Finland, Denmark, Sicily, Africa, Mexico, etc.

Bellali’s delightful chiquiditas (photo); a Copenhagen cantaor, cara-a-cara with a mucho-macho Spanish bailaor; Bettina’s brilliant guitar, three peñas from Paris with their maestras, impressed all.
Amateurs and advanced, young and not-so-young, all performers had a chance to strut their stuff to the satisfaction of a highly appreciative crowd. Thus, one more credit to Bellali Austria’s organisational skill and flamenco heart. MGA.

Chiquiditas, charm and grace. (photo MGA)

Mike Angstreich

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