mandag 22. februar 2016

20 January 2016, a very fine day despite –15 degrees.

In the morning, Kristin Tyvold, David Harrisson and I did a show at the Bergstien home for the elderly. Paso doble, sevillanas, Per Spelmann’s buleria and Hava Nagila captured this appreciative audience’s attention and participation. Look at those smiles. We really dig our gigs here!

I topped off the evening at the Oslo Music College where guitarist/singer/composer Bettina Flater presented “Flamenco and other things”. The program consisted of her own compositions such as “Let Me be like Running Water” and personal renditions of classics like Paco Peñas “La cueva del gato”. Special also were Bettina’s flamenco-flavored Norwegian pieces al la Haugebonden. Bettina’s heart and soul delivery and technique made this a mid-winter night’s sweet dream for us fanaticos who braved the bitter cold.  

Forfattet av Mike Angstreich