tirsdag 24. november 2015

Flamenco de la Frontera – Brilliant!

Some weeks ago, I wrote about a flamenco show at the Oslo Concert House. There, a few hundred people had seen quite a good performance by Andalusian talent. Thursday night 5 November at the smaller Café Theatre in old Oslo, at least two hundred fans missed an espectáculo that went right to the hearts and souls of the audience of perhaps one hundred. Norway’s own reina flamenca deemed the production very special. It confirmed my faith in our local talent, here so ably joined by native Jerezanos. The combination was magnificent, with aficionados in the audience shouting Olé! and trading looks of approval.

Foto: Svein Eide
Cantaor Agustin Marcheño delivered a saeta-to-siguiriya with a divine force that entranced the audience and wrenched my guts. Pura inspiracion! Agustin de la Fuente’s brilliant guitar solos and accompaniments made me forget about Paco and Tomatito. So indefatigable, devoted and cheery were the two Agustins that during the intermission they led a spontaneous juerga for several guests in the cellar. Genuine flamencos who needed no rest.

I have heard Norwegian-Ecuadorian Tito Guevara’s wonderful flute and percussion a few times before. Now he perfectly enjoined these skills with flamenco.  My surprise this evening, however, was his engaging, romantic vocals that floated me back to Latin America and the legendary Agustin Lara (google him, history buffs).

Foto: Målfrid Sand
Watching Tonje Lieberg (aka Tonje Liebe) dance is pure joy, also when the theme is deeply serious. My traditionalist soul was enthralled, even when she performed the macho Farruca in jeans. Credit is also due Tonje for putting this wonderful show together, as she has done twice before here.
It could be that a better cuadro flamenco exists, but I haven’t seen it and I don’t believe it. Bienvenidos to the return of Flamenco de la Frontera!

Mike Angstreich, November 2015

lørdag 14. november 2015

Julepeña 2015: lørdag 28. november kl. 20

Program: Spanske julesanger akkompagnert av originale instrumenter, det hele ledes av Sverre Jensen. Flamenco av prima ballerina Bellali Austria, Passaro de Mar/. Bellali holder også gratis bulerias-kurs for oss vanlige peña-gjester.
Bevertning: Tradisjonen tro serveres det gratis gløgg og pepperkaker. Mat og drikke kan kjøpes.
Pris: Inngangsavgift kr. 50 for medlemmer og kr. 100 for ikke-medlemmer.
Sted: "Toppen forsamlingshus" i Rodeløkka kolonihage, Rosenhoffgata 20, 0569 Oslo.
Off. transport: Bussene 20, 30 og 31, Trikk 17. Kort vei fra Carl Berners plass.
Parkering i gatene (gratis)
Påmelding:  Til Elisabeth Buntz ebuntz@icons.no innen torsdag 26. november kl. 18.
Sverre Jensen og Bellali Austria